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Posted by Lorna on Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I am a third year animation student in Newport University. For my final year project I decided that I wanted to work on other peoples projects as well as my own. This book is a record of the other side projects that I worked on this year.

John-lynton Bryan's The Collector

We decided that I would be the acting producer and help with the props and set on The Collector. I worked out a week schedule and a monthly schedule for us to work with this helped as I had to organise my time to fit my film in also.

Here is a list of exactly everything I did for The Collector:

Casting, designing and making 30 Masks

I created 30 Masks for the walls in the set. I cast these using a 2 part fast cast resin then I sculpted over them with various substances to create different textures and designs.





Skirting Boards

The skirting boards were created using a 5mm x 5mm strip of wood which was nailed and glued into place using miniature pins for the nails. The ends were cut on an angle so that they looked as if they had been layed properly by a carpenter.


Door Frames

The door frames were created using the same 5mm x 5mm strips of wood for the door frame and a piece of veneer to hide the MDF which was used to create the walls of the set. The doors were also pinned with 15mm pins with tiny heads to make them look like nails.


Window Frames

The window frames were made out of 5mm x 5mm strips of wood that had to be measured accurately to fit into the holes in the MDF. These window frames were then painted in bright colours using Acrylic paints and a clear perspex was added to create the windows.





The floorboards took a lot longer than we expected, however they look very realistic. I created the floorboards by glueing down a large piece of veneer. Then I measured and marked out all of the floorboards which were 30cm x 3cm. I then scored all of the floorboards and pinned them at the ends to make them look more realistic.


Calving out the brickwork

The bricks outside the shop were created by spreading car filler onto the MDF walls then when this was dry I marked out and calved the individual bricks using a a saw and rotary tool.



Painting the Walls

All of the inside MDF walls were painted a light brown.


Shopping for props

I had to go shopping for bits of props. Dowel and String for the mop and miniature plants and plant pots.


Flower arrangements

The miniature flowers that I bought were straight and so I had to put them into the pots and arrange them so that they looked realistic.

Set Dressing

We did a test set dress this was my idea to check if the set had enough props for the shop to look cluttered. It didn't but from this we could see what needed to be done.

Spray painting the brickwork

The brickwork I spray painted with black and brown and then dry brushed them with oranges and reds.



The floorboards, the windowsills and the furniture all need to be varnished.

Tarmacking the road

The tarmacking was made out of roofing for dog kennels.


General Adjustments

I had to sand down and scuff all of the furniture to make it look old.

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