Posted by Lorna on Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The last lecture I went to at University was an all day masterclass with Chris Hopewell and Barry Pervis. When I was little my mom would let me watch her VHS of the Aardman collection, which had Next on it a film by Barry I used to watch this tape over and over. This is where I got my love of animation. Of cousre back then I didn't understand what it was about I just loved the movement. I got Barry to sign his book for me. He signed it 'Dear Lorna, good luck out in the big wonderful world of stop motion' which I thought was very sweet. Just before they left I showed my film to them. I am now so glad that I did, on leaving the hall Chris Hopewell turned to me in the corridor and told me to send my showreel and CV to Collision Films to get some work experience. So I did.

After a couple of months I got an email off Chris himself asking if I wanted to go down and work on an animated music video for Graham Coxon. So I got some time off work and drove down to Bristol and spent a few days in the woods animating a taxidermied bird. With these things you never know how much of your animation will end up in the final cut. However I am proud to say that I animated quite a few of the scences with the bird in Graham Coxon's new video "dead bees"  Take a look

This came out on the 22nd on MTV!


This is a scene where I made the bird pick at a bone and sniff it a little.


Chris fixing something back on the bird. While  I was there the poor thing was broken 3 times.


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