Posted by Lorna on Sunday, July 4, 2010
I went to annecy for the first time this year. I was disappointed  with the amount of time that we all had to spend queuing up for tickets and I couldn't get into the MIFA part because I didn't have the right pass, but I saw a lot of fantastic films and the atmosphere was amazing. It was crazy to see an elderly man play with a giant balloon in the final ceremony, really leaping out of his chair he was.

I could only get half a week off work so I missed alot of the screenings. I went to the best shorts of the 80's, Don't Blink- 50 films in 50 minutes, short films 2 and a history of Disney.

One of the best bits was having a massive picnic in the park with animation professionals, students and lecturers.

Joanna Quinn, awarding the winning team for the rounders. David Silverman in the background playing the Tuba.

Lovely films in Annecy:

Angry Man - Anita Killi. Cut outs in 3D
About St Basil - Natalia Berezovaya. 2D Hand Drawn
Don't Go - Turgut Akacik. Computer/live action
Recordare - Leonardo Carrano, Alessandro. Photos
Crash bang wallow - Jonathan Dunleavy. 2D/3D computer
Log and Jam - Alexy Alexeev. 2D Hand Drawn
Hill farm - 2D

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