February 11, 2011

Weightlifter being animated by Johnnie


February 6, 2011
Second day of the shoot. Basketballers being animated by Joel and Johnnie

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Back at Flickerpix

February 2, 2011
I'm back at Flickerpix on a very short contract. For paralympic games ad for C4

After this Things to do. Urgent
sculpting women, sculptung figures, set up shop, copy masks, make eyes, finish moosehead.

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Wrap Party

September 2, 2010

From Left Susan Guy, Libby, Isobel, Sree, Andy Hamilton, Joel Simon, Nadine and Lorna Bailey
Taken at the wrap party in Belfast.

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Old Harried Memories

August 4, 2010
Well Old Harry's is now nearly finished. All of the animation is done. Just some special effects and lighting adjustments to be done.

I've been helping out with the compositing in after affects, keying out the green screens creating lighting, shadow effects and colour correction.

here are some pictures of the animators:

Johnny Schumann

Mole Hill

Susan Guy

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July 4, 2010
I went to annecy for the first time this year. I was disappointed  with the amount of time that we all had to spend queuing up for tickets and I couldn't get into the MIFA part because I didn't have the right pass, but I saw a lot of fantastic films and the atmosphere was amazing. It was crazy to see an elderly man play with a giant balloon in the final ceremony, really leaping out of his chair he was.

I could only get half a week off work so I missed alot of the screenings. I went to the bes...
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Flickerpix Animations

July 4, 2010
I've been working on plastacine models in Flickerpix for the past couple of months. For a pilot episode for Sky. I hope they like it. I've been working with very short deadlines sometimes making a puppet in 5 days.

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Work in Flickerpix

May 12, 2010
I've been working for Flickerpix Animations in Belfast

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Graham Coxon Music Video

May 12, 2010


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New collision project

May 12, 2010

The following images are the making of, for  bunch of visuals to be projected behind a live performance created for Collision Films, Bristol.

Puppet armature design.


Lighting test.


The set is coming along.


Boat and rocks that have been primed ready for painting.




Studio and animation table.


Deadline the 20th of November

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